Hero by Sarah Lean is out this February!

We’re excited to announce two very special books from Sarah Lean in February 2014, including her World Book Day title! Jack Pepper and Hero both tell the story of a little Jack Russell who touches the lives of the characters in very special ways.

Jack Pepper

Someone special will never be forgotten…

When Ruby and Sid read a poster about a missing dog called Jack Pepper they remember an adventure they had, and a little dog they once met. Could the two possibly be connected?

Jack Pepper is Sarah Lean’s World Book Day book and out 6th March 2014.

Sarah says, “Jack Pepper is as sunny as this cover, and completely unforgettable to Ruby and Sid who meet him in the story. I love this little dog and the way he looks like he has a question he wants to ask you, or wants to join in with whatever you are imagining.”

Jack Pepper by Sarah Lean is a World Book Day Book 2014!
Jack Pepper by Sarah Lean is a World Book Day Book 2014!


Leo feels invisible – at school and at home. When he’s not doing homework with his one friend, George, Leo spends most of his time in his imagination. It’s easy to feel brave if he’s pretending to be a gladiator.

When an accident at school brings Leo overnight fame he likes being centre of attention, for once. But then Leo finds himself doing things he knows are wrong, just to impress his new ‘friends’. And George no longer wants to be friends with a liar . . .

Disaster strikes when a meteor hits the town. A little dog belonging to Leo’s neighbour is missing and Leo knows he must be trapped in the wreckage. If Leo can bring the dog home, can he make it up to be the people he’s hurt? Can he be a real hero?

An extraordinary story about discovering what makes a true friend, and a true hero…

Hero is out 27th February 2014.

Sarah says, “When I write stories I have a very clear picture in my mind of how characters look, especially little Jack Pepper. So I was over the moon that the publishers found a real Jack Russell who is just like the one I imagined. This is him on the cover of Hero! There’s a star called Sirius, usually the brightest one you can see in the night sky. The star is also sometimes known as the Eye of The Great Dog and the sparkling night setting reminds me very much of what this little dog and the story are all about.”

Hero by Sarah Lean is out in February
Hero by Sarah Lean is out in February