I have never seen a whale in real life. But my husband did once when he was in a boat off the coast of Sydney, Australia. He found it very difficult to tell me exactly what the experience of seeing the whale was like because he said he wasn’t sure we had any words to describe how beautiful it was.

When I have watched documentaries of whales, I find myself totally in awe of these magnificent creatures. Which is why I am super excited to show you the new stunning cover for The Forever Whale!

Pictures have a unique way of telling you things that sometimes words can’t. I love how the girl is so small compared to the whale and the depth of the sea beneath her, and how the whale is so close she could almost reach out and touch it. It feels like at any moment they are going to meet. I think the designers are brilliant to have captured a rare and special feeling in a picture of something that is hard to put in words. There are so many things in this story which are very important to me, especially the whale which is the key to the mystery which Hannah unravels. I hope you will also get a feeling for what this story is about and that you enjoy taking a journey with Hannah to find something extraordinary too.