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A Horse For Angel

Sometimes when things are broken, you can’t fix them on your own – no matter how hard you try…

When Nell is sent to stay with distant family, she packs a suitcase full of secrets. A chance encounter with a wild horse draws Nell to Angel – a mysterious, troubled girl who is hiding secrets of her own. Both girls must learn to trust each other, if they are to save a hundred horses…

A Horse for Angel is a story about finding something special in the most unlikely place.

“Sarah Lean weaves magic and emotion into beautiful stories.” Cathy Cassidy

“I found the book very touching and the relationship between Angel and Nell beautiful …they must stick together to protect what is important to them.” Faith, aged 10

“A Horse for Angel makes you feel like you have stepped into another world, full of friendship, trust and fixing things.” Bryony, aged 12

“Thank you for writing this book, it touched me and I am sure that it would touch others. Ten out of Ten.” Jessica, aged 12

“The characters seemed so real that I wanted to know more.” Kainath, aged 12

“If you want a book that is full of twists and keeps you interested right until the end, then read this book.” Lauren, aged 9