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The Sand Dog

Grandfather had been gone for two years but I never thought it would be an ordinary day he’d come back, like a Monday or a Tuesday… I always knew he’d return across the water, triumphing over a few monsters on the way, I just didn’t know when…

When Azi’s grandfather leaves their small Mediterranean island, Azi waits every day for him to return. The arrival of a nesting turtle and a tall sandy dog convinces Azi that it must mean that Grandfather is on his way. As Azi digs deeper into the past, he begins to unravel hidden secrets and starts to find out just how alike he and his grandfather really are. And without him, Azi knows he will never feel complete.

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When nine-year-old Tiger Days stays with her grandmother at Willowgate House she never knows what might happen… new friends to meet, animals to rescue and problems to solve!

Tiger’s grandmother looks after animals in need and on her first visit, Tiger quickly learns how to feed a baby warthog and keep it safe.

Tiger already has her hands full, but then a mysterious sound leads her to another little animal…

At Willowgate House, no day is ever dull for Tiger!

Hero by Sarah Lean is out in February
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A story about a little dog with the heart of a lion.

Leo feels invisible – at school and at home. When he’s not doing homework with his one friend, George, Leo spends most of his time in his imagination. It’s easy to feel brave if he’s pretending to be a gladiator.

When an accident at school brings Leo overnight fame he likes being centre of attention, for once. But then Leo finds himself doing things he knows are wrong, just to impress his new ‘friends’. And George no longer wants to be friends with a liar . . .

Disaster strikes when a meteor hits the town. A little dog belonging to Leo’s neighbour is missing and Leo knows he must be trapped in the wreckage. If Leo can bring the dog home, can he make it up to be the people he’s hurt? Can he be a real hero?

An extraordinary story about discovering what makes a true friend, and a true hero…


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Jack Pepper
Someone special will never be forgotten…When Ruby and Sid read a poster about a missing dog called Jack Pepper they remember an adventure they had, and a little dog they once met. Could the two possibly be connected?Jack Pepper is Sarah Lean’s World Book Day book and out 6th March 2014.
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The Forever Whale

A shared story can last forever.

“Memories scoop you up and take you back to another time, so you can feel things all over again. I think of how important it is for all of us, but especially for Grandad, to remember the bright things from the past. But now he’s forgotten everything and he hasn’t told me his most important memory yet – the one about a whale…”

Can Hannah piece together the extraordinary story that connects Grandad’s childhood to her own?

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A Horse For Angel

Sometimes when things are broken, you can’t fix them on your own – no matter how hard you try…

When Nell is sent to stay with distant family, she packs a suitcase full of secrets. A chance encounter with a wild horse draws Nell to Angel – a mysterious, troubled girl who is hiding secrets of her own. Both girls must learn to trust each other, if they are to save a hundred horses… Read more…

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A Dog Called Homeless

What would you do if you had something important to say – but couldn’t find a way to say it?

‘My name is Cally Louise Fisher and I haven’t spoken for thirty-one days. Talking doesn’t always make things happen, however much you want it to…’

Cally Fisher saw her mum bright and real and alive. But no one believes her, so Cally’s stopped talking. Read more…